About Us

The Karma Network

Karma is the only original programming network for the next generation of investors and innovators. Our global audience encompasses those with advanced income and advanced intellect but limited time and actionable insight. We utilize primetime-style programming to bring forth highly-intelligent storytelling that informs, inspires, grips, and motivates, and leads to action and impact at scale.

Karam Hinduja is the Founder and CEO of Timeless Media and the Karma Network. 

Timeless is a unique group of businesses that utilize advanced data collection and human understanding to produce content and tell stories that inspire action. 

Our audience is the next generation of investors, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who will redefine the world.

Karam Hinduja


Neil St. Clair serves as President and COO of both Karma and Timeless.

Prior to Timeless, Neil was an on-air correspondent for NY1, a columnist for Forbes, a four-time startup founder, and a senior executive in the investment and artificial intelligence spaces.

Neil earned degrees from Boston University and attended graduate school at Yale University. He is the host of Karma’s podcast, After Exit, and co-host of the flagship 1Number  series.

Neil St. Clair


With a decade of digital communications and marketing experience, Cynthia Dalagelis has a fascination with human understanding. She enjoys seeing how people interact with their environment and observing how to better engage with them digitally to fulfill their needs.

Currently, she heads the Timeless entity Whisper Mob, a data-driven marketing agency responsible for strategic growth for the Karma Network and all Timeless entities. 

Cynthia Dalagelis


Nakia Booth is dedicated to producing content and B2B events in the entertainment and technology sectors. With a penchant for startups, she loves to work with companies to establish processes and execute upon their unique missions and visions.

Nakia graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in sociology. She is passionate about storytelling and digital media.

Nakia Booth


Karma’s Correspondents

Our series are led by our talented team of correspondents. Their diverse backgrounds, immense intellect, and industry savvy mold Karma’s unique primetime-style programming that leads you to new actionable insights.