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How to Spot a Market Bubble

Holland in the 1600s was an interesting time. This period is referred to as the Dutch Golden Age, and the people who were experiencing it were developing a taste for luxury items that their intrepid world explorers would bring back from the far corners of the globe. One of those items was the tulip flower, which was first sent to Europe by an ambassador to the Ottoman Empire. The tulip quickly caught the fancy of the people, as it was different than any


Investing in Asia is Chock Full of Risk

When you invest, you are trying to predict the future. You weigh what might be possible against what could happen, then bet on the outcome most favorable to your views. Thus, the highly prized attribute when choosing an investment is an outlook toward stability. Although there are never any guarantees when it comes to investments, knowing that the people in charge are going to stay in charge for a while and that any problems are being worked out in a thoughtful manner,


5 Ways to Secure Your Financial Future

You’ve perhaps heard about the best way to make a small fortune. The answer? Start with a large one. Ahem. Yes, that’s an old and hoary joke. But even if you don’t have a fortune as you begin your financial journey, you can certainly create one by starting to invest at a young age. Because as a young investor, time is your biggest asset. It’s true that you are confronted with a sometimes bewildering array of choices, everything from mutual funds to