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How Theranos Duped Wall Street

We live in a world where promises are never modest. The best example is “Go big or go home,” a long-standing phrase in the technology world which indicates that conservative actions don’t lead to huge rewards. But there’s another phrase that you should be aware of when you ingest your daily dose of media. It’s something you can picture Sam Elliott (you know him as the cowboy narrator in The Big Lebowski) saying as he takes a knowing pull on his beer.


How Investors Can Make an Impact After a Disaster

When a natural disaster strikes, the first reaction of the business community is compassion. Many are the stories of good Samaritan companies opening their doors, lending equipment for rescue and relief, and helping to facilitate the rebuilding and restocking needed in their own neighborhoods. That’s what happens on the ground. But a business’ second reaction to a natural disaster is usually more interesting from an investor’s standpoint. While any business disruption means a short-term dip in a region’s economy, there’s also an opportunity


How to Invest Like Warren Buffett

Everyone wants to be known as a smart investor. But picking the right companies to back is usually one part knowledge, one part focus, and one part luck. Let’s examine the investing styles of several wealthy individuals for clues you might use. Each year, thousands of Warren Buffett fans and shareholders in his Berkshire Hathaway empire descend on Omaha, Nebraska, hoping to hear some pearls of wisdom from a man called “The Oracle” and considered one of the world’s greatest investors. Buffett, the king


Does a $100 Million Donation Make a Difference?

The stories sound impressive. News reports indicate San Francisco is getting a $100 million donation to reduce homelessness. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg donated $100 million to the Newark, NJ. school system. Los Angeles declared a public emergency and plans to spend $100 million to take steps to help combat homelessness. The philanthropy of eBay founder Pierre Omidyar will contribute $100 million to support investigative journalism, fight misinformation, and counteract hate speech around the world. It’s a magic number, that $100 million. It’s