The 11th Hour Dispatch – Monday, April 2, 2018

| April 2, 2018

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ESPN’s streaming service, ESPN+, has finally announced its previously promised spring drop date: April 12, 2018. The service will cost $4.99 per month and will offer live sports, original content, and on-demand programming. This offering includes around 180 MLB games, over 180 NHL games, year-round boxing matches, over 250 MLS games, PGA Tour live golf, thousands of college games in virtually every sport, Grand Slam Tennis, and an array of rugby and cricket games. This product is coming (hopefully) right in time, as ESPN just reported an 11% drop in advertising revenue in Q1 2018, and it needs a golden egg to help make up for those losses.


Apple plans to replace Intel chips in all Macs with its own chips by 2020. After the announcement this morning, Intel’s stock plummeted around 6%, as Apple reportedly makes up around 5% of the chipmaker’s annual revenue. Apple last transitioned its processor chips under the late Steve Jobs back in 2005 when it elected for Intel chips over IBM’s PowerPC chips. While mostly being phased out to give Apple more flexibility for new product creation and to allow for more control over its hardware, Intel chips will likely remain in Apple’s higher-power machines like the iMac Pro and the upcoming Mac Pro revision to keep up with user demand. 


You can now scream at Alexa to donate to charity for you. The new feature, Alexa Donations, allows users to donate between $5 and $5,000 to a charity of choice through Amazon Pay with the card on file that was previously used for purchases on the site. When a user triggers the feature by asking Alexa to donate, Alexa will give the user further information on the charity and lead the user through the donation process with several safeguards in place to ensure the user actually intends to donate money. Amazon currently has a list of around 50 nonprofits integrated into the system, including the American Cancer Society, Feeding America, DonorsChoose, and the Wounded Warrior Project, but it plans to grow that list in the future. Finally a way to use that speaker that’s totally-not-a-spy for good.


Did you get your acceptance letter to T-Pain’s Wiscansin University yet?

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