The 11th Hour Dispatch – Monday, March 26, 2018

| March 26, 2018

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Cannes Film Festival has banned Netflix (and also selfies, for some reason) in the latest case of traditional cinema being too high-and-mighty for those disgusting streaming services. Head of the festival Thierry Fremaux has barred Netflix and other streaming services from competing in this year’s festival after “worldwide outrage” at last year’s festivities when Netflix’s Okja and The Meyerowitz Stories were allowed to compete (even though they did not win). Under the new rules, streaming services will still be able to screen, but they will not be eligible for any highly-coveted awards. If I had to make a prediction, and I know you’re dying for my thoughts, either streaming services will eventually be viewed as fair competitors thanks to their pocketbooks, or they will set up their own awards out of spite. 


Gust, an information platform for startups, has launched a feedback engine to help startups figure out their funding potential. Through analysis of a startup’s self-supplied business model, fundraising history, team composition, revenue, personal investment, and traction, the engine can provide detailed feedback based on past investments, 409a valuations, and acceptance rates to accelerator programs. The engine also takes note of the founders and their team to gauge potential investor interest. Gust has united 500,000 startups with over 70,000 investors and hopes to provide “context, expertise, and useful tools to grow and seek investment” through its knowledge and tool.


Advertisers are projected to spend $40 billion more on internet ads than those stodgy old television ads in 2018. That amounts to 40% of ad spend overall. Social and video display ads are leading this online growth. Social is expected to grow 21% to $58 billion and video is projected to expand 19% to $32 billion. Search ads, while not showing extraordinary growth like the two categories prior, is still expected to hold fast as the largest form of internet advertising at $95 billion in spend. While you’re digesting all those numbers, keep in mind that online ad spend only passed that of television for the first time last year. They grow up so fast. 


Apple has proposed new accessibility emojis to better represent people with disabilities. The proposed set of emojis would include a guide dog, an ear with a hearing aid, people in two different types of wheelchairs, and two kinds of prosthetic limbs, among others. The emojis were developed in collaboration with the American Council of the Blind, the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, and the National Association of the Deaf, and if approved, could hit your keyboard as early as next year. Always here for some inclusivity.


There’s a Peeps-flavored beer for Easter just in case setting them on fire and throwing them away wasn’t a good enough way for you to consume that garbage.

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