The 11th Hour Dispatch – Thursday, March 8, 2018

| March 8, 2018

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Vimeo’s annual State of the OTT Audience report revealed that 60% of customers that opted-in for a free trial stayed on as paying customers once their trial period had ended, no matter the platform. The report also emphasized just how important it is for video companies to have accompanying apps. Potential customers are 33% more likely to sign up for a free trial through an app rather than through a website. If you want to check the report out for yourself, here’s the link.


Marijuana businesses could legally use banks if a Senate vote passes this week. Because cannabis is still illegal on a federal level, most banks refuse business with growers and sellers, which forces the companies to operate as cash-only and makes them much more susceptible to robbery. It also, to an extent delegitimizes the businesses that already struggle to be taken seriously. The bipartisan proposal would keep federal officials from enforcing punishment on banks “solely because the depository institution provides or has provided financial services to a cannabis-related legitimate business.”


Tribeca Film Festival will feature 30 immersive films in a theater specifically for VR featuring Hollywood supernovas like Terrence Malick, Laurie Anderson, Rosario Dawson, Lupita Nyong’o, Alicia Vikander, and the band OK GO. The films will cover topical issues like racism, immigration, xenophobia, climate change, nuclear war, and HIV/AIDS. Sundance Film Festival screened a lineup of Oculus films back in January and Tribeca itself featured VR/AR art and films in last year’s festival, but this takes the VR phenomenon to a whole new level. 


There’s now an app that lets you turn your photos into Cheetos masterpieces. Well, I just found my new LinkedIn headshot.

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