The 11th Hour Dispatch – Tuesday, March 13, 2018

| March 13, 2018

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ESPN has secured an NBA Rookie documentary series for its recently announced streaming service. The untitled show will spotlight select members of the 2017-18 rookie class through their first season as professionals. The eight-episode season will follow the players through draft night, Summer League, training camp, and regular season. The series is produced for ESPN by Winik Media and 441 Productions. This is the first publicly greenlit production for the service, which is set to launch this spring at a price of $4.99 per month. Ball is life, am I right?


Square’s Cash app now accepts direct deposits, which puts it one step closer to acting as a full-fledged checking account, and funny enough, one step even further past your parents’ understanding. To get going, Cash app users just need to provide their account and routing numbers. After that, the app will notify users when a deposit hits their account, and the funds will be added to the user’s Cash balance. Cash app balances can be spent via debit card, sent to a friend, transferred to another account, or used to buy bitcoin. While it works much like a traditional checking account, the Cash app does not have its own bank charter, so it is not technically a bank. As the fintech sector continues to blossom, however, situations like this may force some groundbreaking changes to the industry.


The soles of these shoes are made from recycled chewing gum. UK designer Anna Bullus came up with the idea while still in design school after looking for smart ways to reuse common litter. She discovered that gum is typically made from a synthetic rubber that is also found in a bicycle inner tube and could be turned into a manufacturable material. Bullus then launched her company Gumdrop and created pink bulb-shaped containers that were placed at foot traffic heavy locations around the city to collect gum. When the bin is full, the contents are sorted at a recycling facility and made into pellets that can be used in the same type of manufacturing equipment as regular plastic. Looking for alternatives to damaging materials is all the rage right now, and this is an awesome solution — and not just for the Earth. It also cuts costs and the trashing of urban environments. Local governments in the U.K. spend an estimated $82 million each year scraping that brightly colored gunk off of sidewalks and benches, and research suggests that taking care of a single piece of gum could cost up to $2 in labor while the piece of gum itself might have cost around four cents. Ouch.


Instagram and Snapchat have removed the GIPHY integration after users discovered a highly offensive GIF in the system. GIPHY called the accused sticker “a bug” that slipped through the company’s moderation system. In the future, GIPHY will review each GIF sticker by hand. Social media obsessives were upset at the beloved feature being removed (for an assumed temporary amount of time), but in the long run, it’s for the best. The last thing the internet needs is another tasteless piece of content.


Fitbit is launching a fitness tracker for kids if you want to put your kid one step closer to being microchipped like the little animal they are.

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