The 11th Hour Dispatch – Wednesday, May 16, 2018

| May 16, 2018

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YouTube’s former global director of top creator partnerships Benjamin Grubs has founded Next 10 Ventures, a fund that will invest in ventures started by digital creators. The $50 million fund will “invest in emerging talent and help them develop businesses around their creations.” Individual investment size for each venture will vary based on the opportunity, but the fund will match seed capital to early-round levels. While working at YouTube, Grubs helped entrepreneurial YouTubers grow businesses focused on video as part of his job. The idea for Next 10 Ventures came from this period time, when he would often have to pass creators off if their business plans involved much tech past simple video. Paul Condolora, who previously led digital and consumer products for Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, will join Grubs as COO.


Turner Broadcasting president David Levy finally said what everyone else is thinking: “It’s time to retire the Nielsen television metric.” This announcement came ahead of Turner’s upfront at MSG this week. He urged media buyers to look at other ways to measure television audiences outside of Nielsen ratings, which have historically been the standard, when purchasing advertisement space. This has been a bit of an unspoken undercurrent for a while now, but it’s good to see a major company with several advertiser-friendly networks taking a verbal stance as TV continues to evolve into a digital phenomena that eclipses the capabilities of traditional TV measurement tools. 


Mashable put together a list of phones featured in early 2000s hip hop videos that you wanted so bad.

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