About Us

Karma is an intelligence network providing leading opinions and analysis on key global markets from the individuals at their helm.

We are a destination for the most creative investors to build a deeper understanding of the movements creating new opportunities and risks across major industries.

We bring together insights on macro economic trends, innovation, consumer sentiment, and investment activity to analyze how business models are being affected and empowering you to advance fearlessly.


As new, tech-forward products and services come to the market, incumbent providers have been forced to react. Whether they have developed competing technologies, expanded their offerings, or sought revenue in new areas, their reactions have produced compelling market opportunities.

This month, we examine the following markets:

  • Finance
    Incumbent Banks Respond to the Threat of Robo-Advisors
  • Healthcare
    New Health Insurers Shaking Up the Industry
  • Media
    Startups Bringing Clarity and Growth to the Audio Advertising Market
  • Infrastructure
    Energy Storage: New Technologies and New Applications
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