Who Is The Network?

Karma is a global network of leading family offices, investors, and entrepreneurs building profitable solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. Karma is closing the gap between information and opportunity. We do this by delivering stories and perspectives on global macroeconomic trends, risks, and opportunities across markets, and providing investable opportunities into strategies formulated in collaboration with our network.

Investment Club

Karma's investment club is dedicated to forming strategies and creating partnerships that bring together opportunities and access from within the network to de-risk and accelerate private-sector endeavors, across key sectors and regions, with maximum effect.

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Access & Reach

Technology is decreasing the cost of providing goods and services. In search of new markets, companies are connecting customer segments with products that were once out of their reach. These connections are creating new, promising marketplaces.

This month we look at the following markets:

  • Healthcare
    The Market for Digital Pharmacies
  • Financial Services
    Mobile Payments Platforms Move into Banking
  • Media
    Talent Agencies Diversifying to Build New Media Conglomerates
  • Real Estate
    Real Estate Crowdfunding: Opportunities and Risks
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