Karma Investment Club

Karma Investment Club is a selectively assembled community of members who possess a foundation in common: namely, a shared desire and unique capability to partake in partnerships and gain exposure to opportunities that de-risk and accelerate private sector endeavours.

As a result of its founding roots and legacy competencies, Karma Investment Club is uniquely positioned to serve as a global nexus that constructs creative strategies across key sectors and regions, with maximum effect for its members.

The majority of our members are family office principles, sophisticated investors, and innovative entrepreneurs who operate in a diverse range of asset allocation and areas of operational specialties. Key sectors such as healthcare, media, financial services, energy, infrastructure and real estate are heavily represented.

Karma operates by the core principle of the power of a network. Global families and investors recognise the magnified impact and expanded benefits of working together on new ventures. More than ever, skilled entrepreneurs and investors are tapping into a broader, more diverse group of contacts to orchestrate deals.

Karma is bound by the objective of creating new legacies and connections driven by the shift in the geography of global influence. We believe better connectivity and the power of this network will shape these developments for years to come.

Before applying please read and review the details of the membership