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Grocery Delivery Tech for Millennial Lifestyles Will Profit in India

You need only look at the popularity of farmers’ markets in big global cities — New York, Paris, London — to know that the future of cities is not just roads and cars, but has a strong agricultural component. One good case study: Indian millennials. That generation accounted for 31% of the Indian population in 2016. By 2025, that figure should surge to 42%, according to the United Nations.[^1]

And, like the professional, urban-dwelling next generation in most big cities, they want fresh, easy meals— not through the country’s famous dabbawalas, who have been ferrying lunch boxes from people's homes to their offices for hundreds of years, but preferably, through their phones.

Massive gains accrued to investors that saw a similar transformation toward e-commerce play out in China. Now, that same opportunity is repeating itself in India.