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How Motorola is Reducing NYC’s Costly Traffic Problem

It’s not your imagination: Today’s roads are getting annoyingly crowded. In New York City alone, traffic has soared 56% in just eight years. When you account for lost productivity, higher fuel costs, longer commute times and other headaches, the city is now taking a $100 billion annual hit.

That doesn’t sound very futuristic, does it? It’s not; it’s a legacy problem that leading tech firms hope to fix — and, along the way, garner lucrative contracts with big cities.

The first step: Recording traffic bottlenecks, which makes it easier to understand what’s clogging up streets and roads.

That’s why Motorola Solutions (MSI) moved to acquire Canada’s Avigilon for $1 billion this past March.[^1] Avigilon has developed a suite of advanced video surveillance and analytics, backed up by 750 key patents.