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Rhea Mehta // Bowhead Health

Just as in banking and finance, millennials are demanding new, more client-centered approaches across a range of healthcare services, giving rise to offerings that are more patient-centric, flexible, adaptive, transparent, and cost-effective. Because they gravitate towards optimal customer experiences, millennials represent inroads for innovative healthtech companies to seize market share in a market long dominated by national health services and large-scale providers.

As healthtech innovators decentralize the marketplace, patients' control of their healthcare is growing. This includes more direct control of an estimated 1,000 exabytes of global healthcare data, which is [expected to double] by 2020. A path to making our personal data safely available for far-reaching R&D is possible for the first time. Blockchain technology will allow research AI to curate and parse our health data even as it remains our private property. Powerful research algorithms will access vast stores of global health data, accelerating research, drug development, and treatment.