The Economic, Environmental, & Social Impact of Water Purification

Cape Town was the first. But it surely won’t be the last. The South African city came within days of running out of water, creating severe hardships for residents across the region.

Access to ample supplies of potable water is a growing concern across the globe. We’ve already seen water crises in major cities such as Beijing, Moscow, Istanbul, Cairo and Mexico City.[^1]

It’s a strange outcome for a liquid planet.

Around 70% of the globe is covered in water, but just 2.5% of that water is potable at the source. And much of that water is locked up in ice.[^2]

While there has been a growing allocation of funds to address this challenge, not enough is being done. The United Nations notes that 80% of the nations it is tracking in terms of improved water management are still under-spending, relative to their current and future needs.